Mustapa regrets RM19m has to come from Federal govt due to AKSB's failure

The failure of Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd (AKSB) to provide enough clean water supply in the state has forced the federal government to provide RM19 million this year to solve the problem, especially in the critical and rural areas. Kelantan Development Action Council chairman Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said  the amount was channelled to the Kelantan Health Department. He said the allocation should be for other development projects in the  state, especially for building schools, but because of AKSB's failure it had to  go to solving the clean water supply problem.


"This is only a temporary solution; the permanent solution should come from  AKSB. "We are unhappy about the problem and that the allocation cannot be used for  other development purposes," he said after officiating at a dialogue session on  health, here, today.


Mustapa, who is International Trade and Industry Minister, said the council was listing again the critical areas in need of clean water supply according to priority. In another development, Mustapa who is also Jeli Member of Parliament, said he was disappointed with the recent statement by Kelantan Menteri Besar Datuk

Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat that Kelantan was free from any wrongdoings, including corruption. He said the PAS spiritual leader's statement did not reflect what was actually happening in Kelantan as several issues that had raised doubts among the people remained unsolved and requiring explanations from the state government, such as the Ladang Rakyat and Bazar Tok Guru issues.

"I agree that we use the Islamic approach to solve problems including corruption (as suggested by Nik Aziz), but I disagree with the claim that Kelantan is all clean (free from misappropriation of funds and corruption).

"The people of Kelantan want to know the truth about the Ladang Rakyat and Bazar Tok Guru, so don't just point the accusing finger at the federal government," he said. -- Bernama

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